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David Maurice, Owner Delar General Contracting,Portland, ME general contractingDavid Maurice is proud of the extensive mark that Delar General Contracting has left throughout Central and Southern Maine during the last sixty years.  Delar was established in 1953 as a manufacturer of storm windows and doors.  Delar has emerged as a specialty firm for innovative additions, remodels and renovations since Mr. Maurice took over in 1988.

David will develop a clearly, written proposal based on the discussion of your needs. He will keep to that design and consult/document any changes requested or required.

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David approaches all projects with a team of expert tradespeople, including designers, structural engineers, cabinetmakers, electricians, plumbers and heating contractors.  Delar provides the complete implementation of your dream design from the first shovel of soil to the interior finish work that uniquely distinguishes your project.  David is on the job, working side-by-side with the team throughout your project.

Mr. Maurice is a graduate of UVM and compliments his BS degree with an accounting degree.  Over the years, David continues to hone his skills through continuous education in CAD, construction technology, industrial design and solar photovoltaic design.  Mr.Maurice approaches every project, no matter how large or small, with the eye of an accountant and the heart of a designer.

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