Multi-gen by Design


I’m excited about “Multi-gen by Design”-my new program to create a “home within a home”.

Two or three generations of adults can live in a privacy and autonomony.  The arrangement strengthens the family’s culture and can provide many ancillary benefits including wealth preservation.

Aging in Place and Aging in place with family
Multi-generations living together.

Today’s demographics in Maine lend themselves to new living solutions.  According to a recent Genworth survey, 78% of senior adults choose to receive long term care within a private home setting.

According to another recent article, there is a lack of nurse’s aides and registered nurses which is raising the cost of facility care.  Nursing home care in Maine is $300/day on average.    It’s over $113,000 annually in southern Maine.

Delar General Contracting works with families creating buildable designs for existing homes.  Sometimes, all that is needed are ADA compliant ramps.  Other times an addition or renovation of a home makes better sense for the sake of privacy and shared independence.

Feel free to e mail   or call 207 317-1355.  There are also some helpful links I’ve included below.

Maine Senior Guides

Office of Aging and Disability Services, Homeward Bound Program Director, Francis Ryan 1-207-287-9233

Full Circle America   It is about re-engaging elders in their communities, with their interests, with their families.