Home Additions

Here is some examples of our Home Addition construction. Home additions are a great way to add value to an existing property without all of the start-up costs that building a new home involves. These projects start with 3D modeling options. With the models, we can ‘walk’ through the changes and visualize the end result. Makes it much easier to provide the correct end product.

This is an extensive addition and remodeling project in southern Maine in which an architectural design was created first and adhered to throughout the process. A wing at the left was designed and added by DGC. The addition included a wheelchair ramp, new systems, kitchen and bathroom remodels and renovation of the existing structure.


This is also an extensive renovation including raising the roof, an addition, new porch, new kitchen, heat pump installation and more.

The owner of this house says:

“David is a perfectionist and a problem-solver. His work is of incredible quality and attention to detail. His finish work is beautiful. We trusted David with his expertise and opinions on every facet of the project. When he discovered that one of our kitchen cabinets was the wrong size (and would have delayed the completion of our kitchen by weeks), he was able to re-size the cabinet and keep the project on schedule.”

Here is the complete Reference letter this client provided.

One Client says…

“Lastly, we could not be more pleased with the finished product.  Our little home looks like a brand new house!  We are constantly getting compliments from neighbors and friends about how nice the house looks now, and we aren’t getting tired of hearing them!  Please extend our thanks to your installers for a job exceptionally done, and thank you for your courteous service.”

~ Susan, Westbrook, ME